Category: Document Management

Organizations have a variety of options when it comes to procuring document management software, or software to help them manage their documents and other business intelligence while saving money and improving security.

Their choices include software vendors, professional services consultants, and dealers/resellers. These vendors can also be used for software implementation; Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research shows that at least 6 out of 10 SMBs rely on a third party for this task.

What vendor has implemented your company’s document management software?
Source: Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research

What are key considerations when selecting a document management software vendor?

Companies seeking out document management software are encouraged to consider whether their current technology partners may be a good resource for this solution. This obviously depends on a company’s satisfaction with their current providers, as well as whether these firms offer document management software and/or services.

They should also determine:

  • Their specific document management needs, and whether these can be met through software sold by a current provider
  • Whether a specific vendor offers software development, installation, and/or help desk assistance
  • The price and payment plans provided by a vendor
  • The vendor’s location (e.g., a local and/or domestic provider may have advantages)
  • Whether a vendor has case studies, references, and/or trial programs available

What are other resources for document management software information?

Other sources of information about document management software include online articles and reviews, discussions with other businesses involved with document management, and conversations with a variety of vendors who are are active in the document management space.

Furthermore, should a company have the ability to test one or more document management solutions, it can get a good feel for whether that software makes sense for its specific needs—before making a financial commitment.

One often overlooked source of information is a company’s own employees. They may be able to provide good insight into the types of document management features that would be beneficial for their jobs—helping the firm narrow down on the right application.