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The amount of paper used by companies is expected to double by 2060. You know what that means – your small office copier will be under greater pressure than ever in the upcoming period. To ensure it provides impeccable documents, you need to maintain the device properly.

But how exactly do you keep the machine in great shape?

Why Is Small Office Copier Maintenance Important?

Before explaining the “how,” you first need to understand the “why.” So, why do you need to maintain your small copier? Here are the most important reasons:

  • Better-looking documents – A maintained small office copier produces more consistent documents that are free from streaks, smudges, and other imperfections. By keeping your papers professional, you help preserve your reputation as a serious company.
  • Increased productivity – Employees who can use their copiers effortlessly are more productive than those stuck with malfunctioning devices. They can copy/scan/print their documents in double-quick time.
  • Greater data security – If you maintain your copier correctly, it’s less likely to malfunction. This also makes it less prone to bugs, which can leak sensitive information and compromise data security in many other ways.
  • Lower energy consumption – Maintenance allows copiers to run like a well-oiled machine, decreasing the amount of electricity needed to power the devices.
  • Increased device lifespan – By fine-tuning your copiers from time to time, you prevent extensive breakdowns, increasing the lifespan of your fleet.

How to Maintain Your Small Office Copiers

Follow these tips to reap the benefits of a well-maintained small office copier:

Tip No. 1 – Let the Copier Warm Up

If you’re in a hurry, you often use your copier as soon as you power it up. This is a bad habit because it doesn’t give the device enough time to calibrate itself. It puts various components under immense stress, which, over time, can shorten the lifespan of those components.

To avoid this, go easy on your copier if it hasn’t been used in a couple of hours. Let it fine-tune itself for a couple of minutes before inserting the first paper.

Tip No. 2 – Give Your Copier a Break

Think of your small office copier as an athlete. Yes, they can work out for hours on end, but even the most capable individuals need a break.

The same goes for your device. Keeping it on during a full eight-hour shift is fine, but anything longer than that, and the device is put under unnecessary strain. So, shut it down whenever you leave the office. Turning the copier off over the weekend is also essential. The two extra days allow the machine to recover from an intense week.

Another way to lift the burden off your copier’s shoulders is to get another copier. With multiple devices sharing the workload, the wear and tear on each machine is drastically lower.

And no worries – getting another copier doesn’t mean you have to buy one. Rental services might be an even better option. Here’s why:

  • Access to equipment for a minimal price – Copier rental companies allow you to rent machines for just a few hundred dollars a month. Compare that to the price of buying a copier (from $15K to $45K), and it’s easy to see why this is a budget-friendly investment.
  • Cutting-edge features – If you want to utilize state-of-the-art copier features without paying a huge upfront price, rental services are the right choice. Providers have many advanced machines in their fleet that support optical character recognition, secure printing, auto duplexing, and many other hi-tech functions.
  • Built-in repairs – Besides providing copiers, rental providers also offer repair services. Whenever a device malfunctions, they can fix it remotely or on-site. Best of all, they do so without additional charges.

Tip No. 3 – Clean the Copier Glass

The glass gets a lot of flak in the copying process. As you copy a document, the heat makes the document shed tiny paper particles, which contaminate the glass. Other than that, plastic and metal scraps from the surrounding parts may also land on the surface. Dust in your office is another problem.

Unless you clean your copier glass regularly, the pollutants can make your documents blurry. They may even leave smudges or streaks, making the copies unusable.

The best way to keep the glass impeccable is to use a dedicated glass cleaner. You should be able to find information about the recommended product in your instruction manual.

Alternatively, use isopropyl alcohol. Soak a microfiber or lint-free cloth into the alcohol to avoid spraying the solution directly onto the surface. Don’t forget to turn off the copier first and unplug it from the outlet. Finally, scrub the surface gently and let it air-dry before you reconnect the machine.

On no condition should you use ammonia, bleach, and other harsh solutions. They can damage the glass and other parts of the device.

Tip No. 4 – Use Higher-Quality Toner and Paper

Lowering costs is one of your priorities as a business owner/manager, but there’s no cutting corners when it comes to copiers. For instance, the cheapest paper is more susceptible to releasing lint. Left unchecked, this can lead to more frequent jams.

Likewise, cheap, low-quality toner is a no-go. Not only is it more prone to leaks, but it also generates unsightly copies. If you notice vertical lines or other imperfections, they’re most likely caused by subpar toner.

To avoid this, refer to your copier’s instruction manual to determine the right paper and toner for your device.

Tip No. 5 – Be Careful When Loading Paper

Paper jams are omnipresent in any office. They might seem harmless at first, but recurring blockages can spell trouble for the rest of the copier and undermine document quality. To avoid them, make sure you’re not overloading the paper tray. Also, don’t use papers of different thicknesses or types of paper that aren’t suitable for your device.

Ready to Upgrade Your Small Office Copier Fleet?

As previously discussed, expanding your small office copier lineup is essential. Besides extending the lifespan of your original machine, it also boosts productivity.

What better way to add a copier than to rent one from a reliable provider? Here at Docutrend, you can find a variety of high-end copiers with first-class features at a reasonable price. Fill out this form to get started, and you’ll be one step closer to upgrading your New York, Totowa, Pennsauken, Edison, or Ft. Washington company.