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For small businesses looking for ways to cut expenses, going for a small office copier is always an ideal option. If the printing workload matches the copier’s specifications, the copier will last a long time with regular maintenance. Be that as it may, it gets to a point where a small office copier starts acting up, and continuing to use it will do more harm than good.

However, signs that a small office copier needs a replacement might vary depending on the printing habits. Here are all the signs that suggest you need a new office copier.

Understanding the Lifespan of a Small Office Copier

Small office copiers don’t last forever. Even manufacturers understand this and always give an estimate of how long a copier is expected to remain in working order. Nonetheless, there are a number of factors that determine how long a copier lasts.

The Business Output

Each copier has a maximum duty cycle designed to give you an idea of how many copies it can produce each month without straining. If you constantly run the copier at or beyond its optimal capacity, it might not last as long as expected.

Level of Handling

If your team slams doors, forcefully inserts paper, or mishandles trays and output bins, the copier will wear and tear prematurely. Conversely, if they use the copier properly, it’s likely to last longer.

Frequency of Power Interruptions

Typically, small office copiers are prone to internal circuits and components damage from power outages or interruptions. As such, if your office power grid is unstable, your small office copier might require a replacement sooner.


Even when your small office copier is working properly, it requires regular care, like lubricating moving parts, cleaning internal components, and inspecting for signs of wear. Without this, its lifespan is likely to decrease.

The Manufacturer’s Reputation

All small copier manufacturers are not equal. A manufacturer who has been in the industry for a long time and has a track record of producing reliable copiers guarantees long-lasting copiers with proper use.

Signs Your Small Office Copier Needs a Replacement

Most of the time, repairs can get a small office copier back to normal operation when it runs into hitches. But there are instances where repairing falls short, and holding on to the copier will become more costly. When it gets to this point, finding a replacement is the solution. But how do you tell your copier needs renewal and not repair?

Here are the signs:

Finding Replacement Parts Becomes Hard

Manufacturers keep updating their small office copier lines for better performance. So, it’s not uncommon for them to discontinue old copier models to make way for new ones. Usually, they also cease producing the spare parts. As such, shortly after a copier model is terminated, you won’t be able to find new spare parts.

Your only option will be repurposed spare parts, which might not hold up for long. In this case, finding a replacement is necessary to avoid inconveniences.

Your Copier Is Unable to Meet Your Printing Demand

As your business grows, document needs increase. As a result, you might find that you are printing more documents than your office copier can accommodate. At first, you may not notice any issues. However, in the long term, your copier could well start producing faded text or graphics, wrinkled pages, and experiencing lags and paper jams. Upgrading your small office copier will help you meet your office demand efficiently.

Loopholes in Security Features

Lots of sensitive business documents go through the office copier. Yet, copiers are one of the most neglected devices when it comes to cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are aware of this and will target your small office copier to carry out their malicious activities.

If your copier is prone to malware infections and phishing attacks and has no access control features, it might be the right time to look for a newer model.

Cost of Repair Nearly Exceeding the Cost of a New Copier

More often than not, copier breakdowns are common with age. Nonetheless, these repairs come in handy in prolonging the usefulness of a copier. However, if these repairs become a often occurrence and the cumulative cost nearly exceeds the price of a new copier, it’s advisable to find a replacement. Besides the cost, a copier that’s frequently failing might cause delays and inefficiencies in the workflow. Consequently, the downtime will cause employees to be unproductive.

The Cost of Copying Keeps Increasing

Most older copiers consume a lot of resources compared to the output they give. This gradually increases the cost of copying as the machine demands more ink or toner and raises service costs due to constant breakdowns and repairs.

Newer machines, on the other hand, are much more productive with fewer consumables, which lowers the cost and also improves performance. Getting a replacement copier also allows you to operate in an eco-friendly manner due to the increased energy efficiency and less waste.

Tips for Choosing a Small Business Copier Replacement

Getting a good copier is a priority for many small business owners. However, choosing the right one is dependent on several factors. Nonetheless, considering all of the factors involved can be confusing and tiresome. Below are a few tips for choosing your small office copier replacement:

Consider Buying or Leasing

Depending on your business’s financial ability, you can choose between buying a new copier or leasing one. Leasing a copier allows more flexibility if you need to upgrade or downgrade it as your business needs change. On the other hand, buying gives you an array of choices, including refurbished copiers with good service contracts and bargain prices.

Explore Different Features

Copiers come in different sizes, functions, and features. Exploring the various features available gives you an idea of what to expect from a copier. Some of the common copier attributes include automatic document feeders, automatic sorting, two-sided copying, network printing, stapling, and color variation.

Compare Different Brands and Models

Most copier brands and models have a range of unique features. As such, looking at different types increases your chances of finding a specific model or brand that is better suited to your business needs.

Look at Product Reviews

Previous customers usually give feedback on the products they bought. By looking at their reviews about their experiences with the copier you intend to acquire, you can learn how well the machine works and the after-sales services offered.

Change Now, Save Later

All office machines experience wear and tear with continued use. Nonetheless, the decision to replace a worn-out copier might prove to be a crucial one to avoid inconveniences, low productivity, and high maintenance costs. A new copier also gives you access to new features and current technology to help streamline your business operations.

If you’re in New York, Totowa, Cherry Hill, Edison, Ft. Washington, and your small office copier needs a replacement, Docutrend can help you. We provide copiers of all types. Reach out to us to learn more about your options.