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Has your organization been riding the cloud wave? Many are. In fact, recent research by Keypoint Intelligence shows that business-level cloud-based solutions are tied (with cybersecurity) for the number one expected area of technology investment over the next year.

These kinds of solutions may include tools focused on print and documents (e.g., cloud-hosted print and document management), customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning, and specific departments and workflows like human resources and payroll.

This time next year, which areas do you expect will be most important for your organization to invest in?

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Source: Keypoint Intelligence research

The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the use of cloud services, with more people needing to access work materials remotely. In fact, another Keypoint Intelligence study showed that during the pandemic close to half of the new at-home workers either started using a cloud-based file storage/sharing solution for business content or started using one more often (37% were using a cloud solution the same amount, while 17% were still not using this kind of solution).

While attitudes toward cloud-based solutions had already been improving, this increased exposure will help dispel any lingering doubts among users (and organizations) hesitant about migrating to the cloud.

The importance of the cloud is also reflected in Keypoint Intelligence’s latest document solutions forecast—in which revenue from this software is expected to grow at a double-digit percentage compound annual growth rate over the next several years.

Within the document solutions arena, the highest growth rate is expected for cloud-based document capture/workflow and output management solutions (in the United States):

  • A document capture solution lets workers use their MFP’s integrated scanner to convert information contained in documents into electronic files that can be very easily searched, shared, and modified—greatly simplifying ease of access. In addition, this process routes the data to its destination, often tightening its security through encryption.
  • An output management solution enables centralized management and monitoring of networked printers and multifunction devices, as well as access and usage by individuals and departments. It is typically used by an IT administrator (or managed services provider) in conjunction with operations and accounting, as well as with department heads that determine governance requirements for security, mobility, sustainability, billing, and cost-efficiency.

Other possible document solutions include document management and device management solutions. If your organization is not yet using these tools, let alone cloud-based versions of these solutions, it may be wise to consider them—as their benefits include:

  • Better workplace productivity
  • Improved accuracy of data
  • Tighter security
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction


The use of cloud software has boomed following the COVID-19 pandemic; organizations were already headed in that direction. Cloud hosting can be applied to software for the print and document infrastructure, helping businesses extend access to these tools to remote environments.