Category: Print Management

When it comes to document management technologies, you can’t wait around for the problem to magically fix itself.

While for some outsourcing has negative connotations that translate to inferior quality work, it can result in increased efficiency inside your organization. The question of why you should engage with an MPS provider still remains.

While there are many benefits to managed print services, here are 3 compelling reasons to get you thinking…

1) Your print environment is unmanaged: Even if you have somebody overseeing hardware and software, how much does this person truly know about the ins and outs of document management and imaging? How much data do they have access to, and is that data studied on a continuous basis? And that’s not taking the supplies portion into account, including replacing toner/ink and being responsible for storing them. An MPS provider has the expertise, the support organization and the understanding that every business has unique document imaging needs.

2) Your employees want better tools: Managed print services begins with printers and MFPs, there’s no denying that. Once the document imaging ecosystem has been optimized, though, the focus can then be divided between continuous device analysis and bringing user concerns into play. An MPS provider comprehends this and has what you need to effectively change print behavior, enable security measures and implement software to streamline workflows and potentially automate business processes.

3) Your business will save money: It’s all about the bottom line, but can you even determine what your total spend is on printing? Are employees outputting files on a nearby printer that carries a high cost per page instead of sending the job to an MFP that has a much lower cost per page but requires walking an extra 10 seconds? Are users allowed to print in color whenever they want to? What about enforcing duplexing? These are just simple cases in point, but the overarching message of all of them is powerful. An MPS provider will walk with you down the path of lowering total cost of ownership for your document imaging technologies.

To learn more about Managed Print Services for your organization, contact us and a MPS consultant will schedule a free analysis.