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Not all mobile printing solutions are created equal. Determining which solution is appropriate for your organization depends on a number of questions around current norms, target users, features, and compatibility. This blog post will highlight four high-level questions to help pinpoint the right mobile print deployment.

1. How do you and others currently print from mobile devices within your organization?

This question gives organizations a basis from which to consider their options. It could be that no one is printing from a mobile device. It could be that most people are, especially within small companies. Whatever the scenario, this information helps organizations start a conversation around mobile printing norms and preferences.

2. What types of users do you anticipate using mobile devices to print? Internal? Remote workers? Contractors? Visitors?

It’s important to think about who should be authorized to print from their mobile device. This may depend on need, and it may also depend on initiatives to improve customer care. For example, allowing customers to print could be viewed as a value-added service for these individuals. To answer this question, IT staff may need to interview colleagues on the potential usefulness of mobile printing.

3. What types of requirements do you have for an enterprise mobile print environment? Private, closed? Open, cloud? Simple near field communication (NFC)?

All organizations may want secure IT infrastructures, but some have different approaches to making this happen. Whether you prefer on-premises, behind-the-firewall solutions or cloud-based solutions with greater flexibility, this type of question is important to consider. Functionality requirements, such as pull printing integration or tap-to-print, should also be explored.

4. What type of operating system support requirements do you have? Support for iOS, Android, Blackberry, other, all?

Certain solutions work best with certain mobile operating systems. Consider which mobile operating systems will require print support, while also thinking about potential changes down the road. If you’re enabling mobile print support for non-employees, you should also think about the types of devices they’ll be using.

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