Category: Document Management

Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends research suggests that more organizations are discovering the benefits of digital document solutions like a document management system (DMS), enterprise content management (ECM) platform, or business process automation (BPA) solution.

That said, paper doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends research shows that anywhere from 51% to 67% of the documents coming into an organization are in paper format. To complete a comprehensive, pragmatic overhaul of their paper-based processes, businesses must turn to document capture and management solutions that can efficiently merge paper documents with electronic workflows.

Capture and merge your paper and electronic documents

Fortunately, many businesses already have copiers and multifunction printers that are capable of doing more than printing, scanning, copying, and faxing paper documents.

These devices can be enhanced with capture solutions for fast and easy document capture, processing, and routing. The documents are funneled into critical backend systems, where large portions (or the entirety) of document-related workflows can be:

  • Automated
  • Easily shared/collaborated upon
  • Indexed
  • Organized
  • Easily searched for
  • Improved upon/leveraged in other ways

Intelligent capture: turning paper into Information

Capture solutions come in different shapes and sizes to meet the varying needs of different sized businesses operating across different industries. But regardless of who they are built to serve, they generally enable adopters to streamline document capture, processing, and routing. Many solutions also offer the ability to configure customized scan profiles and “one-touch” buttons to streamline common scanning tasks.

Figure: Three workflow steps typically comprising document capture solutions

Document/electronic content management: Do more with your information

Document management and electronic content management platforms serve two primary functions: importing documents into the system, and then capturing all of the most pertinent information needed for processing and classifying the document.

The solutions also include search tools to quickly and easily find documents; version control functionality to help users restore documents to previous forms should a mistake arise; and workflow engines for replicating simple and complex document workflows in digital form. Ask our experts about benefits of document capture and content management solutions.