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This is a great question but isn’t a simple answer. Of course, the price of a phone system depends on the features needed and the best place to start is knowing what your current standard system offers and what a switch to a cloud VoIP phone system.

First, the main value is that there isn’t expensive hardware needed. When expensive hardware is eliminated and “apps” can be used, there is significant savings. The ability to add soft phones, there is a significant reduction in setup, deployment, and support for physical hardware landlines. In-office and remote employees can download these apps on their computer or cell phone, without any disruption.

Second, a feature-reach system can be added, deployed and scaled as needed. A remote phone system provides many more phone features than traditional phone lines and since these features are typically included for one flat rate, you don’t get a surprise charge.  

Third, it’s quicker and more cost effective to add new phone lines to your remote office phone system. You won’t need to install extra phone lines and wiring to traditional PBX systems. Most of the set-up is to just plug into an ethernet cable. Adding more lines is just as simple.

When it comes to cost, speak with a Docutrend VoIP expert and learn why a remote office phone system is your best investment.