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Remote access at work allows for flexibility and productivity no matter where employees are located. According to a recent article, remote work is here to stay and is a huge benefit when top candidates are looking for a new job. And the more resources you have, the better equipped your staff will be to meet those needs. 

Here’s the top benefits why a company should implement a cloud phone system:

1. Office phone number goes with you

Remote and hybrid employees always had one problem, which was how to seamlessly integrate their phone system into their work from home or work anywhere environment. VoIP and remote phone systems is a solution that allows for employees to not be desk bound to answer a phone call, since a VoIP phone line will accept and receive calls over the internet. No need to have to worry about forwarding a call from a desk phone, take the call anywhere from an app and work from anywhere.

2. Connect with clients and coworkers from anywhere.

Being out of the office in the past, was looked at as an unproductive or lost day. However, part of that used to be it was hard to get in touch with employees or customers not being able to speak with their representative. A remote phone system lets your team stay online and accessible wherever they work no matter where they are. A cloud business phone system contains the same functionality and features like a managed directory and address book, so staying in touch hasn’t been easier.

3. One phone system on multiple devices

Remote or hybrid employees who work from home or from anywhere, may have trouble communicating with the rest of the team. With a remote office or hybrid office phone system, which is designed to support employees no matter where they are this problem is virtually eliminated.

When businesses are faced with making decisions fast, the last thing you need to worry about is tracking down personal phone numbers. With a VoIP phone system, your team will get a call on all of their devices so they can be reached fast..

4. Anywhere accessibility

The value of working from home for an employee is the flexibility it allows. But working in an office is different than a work-from-home setting. Having control of their business day is great, especially if they travel.

Having a phone system which never sacrifices the features a worker uses daily while they are out of the office. With a reliable business phone application, employees can access their phone line from any computer or smartphone. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

Remote employees should be able to get important phone calls no matter where they decide to work. Mobility is key to today’s business and is needed to ensure business continuation.

5. Video conferencing and collaboration tools

Establishing strong lines of communication is essential to every successful company. Having trust in a communication platform is what keeps it successful. Speaking to a team through the video or delivering a presentation live is something which is invaluable. It allows for quick understanding and doesn’t leave anything up for interpretation.

Jumping between apps to talk, present and collaboration doesn’t allow for a smooth process and can be time consuming for everyone involved. To stay focused, it’s best to limit the number of applications and keep tasks simple.

A remote office phone system that consolidates unified communications that makes it easy to switch between voice, video, chat, and email is a the solution that you need.

Look for video capabilities that offer one-to-one video chats as well as screen sharing. Personal apps like Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime weren’t designed for business use. Video conferences are ideal for presentations, sales pitches, or product demos.

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