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While many companies have reduced paper use in their daily operations over the last few decades, some are still in the process of making that difficult transition. Many organizations, especially the ones that have been in the market for longer, still rely on printing documents such as business proposals and contracts for confidentiality and safety reasons. This intricate relationship between paper and digital files raises significant questions for many organizations: Is it worth it to purchase a business printer? Would it be better to lease a device or use outsourced printer services? While the acquisition of a business printer can increase the productivity of a company and speed up day-to-day activities, there are also a few drawbacks associated with this kind of investment. In this article, you’ll find a complete guide on office printers, including the different kinds available and the benefits of having one on-site.

Business Printer: Types Available

The right printer for your business will be primarily determined by your printing needs. While some industries require high volumes of prints on a regular basis, others use digital channels and reserve physical documents for specific tasks. You must also consider whether you’ll need to print full-color high-quality materials, or if your daily operations require only simple black-and-white documents.

There are five main kinds of business printers. Each model offers specific use cases, benefits, and, unfortunately, limitations. With so many choices available, you’ll have total freedom to choose the one that best adjusts to your needs. Here are the main types of business printers.

Laser Business Printer

Laser printers use toner to produce printed materials. These devices are particularly beneficial for businesses that need high volumes of prints in short periods. While they can print text and full-color images, these devices are more efficient with black-and-white documents.

If your organization doesn’t require photo printing, these devices are a cost-effective option. A single cartridge has a lifespan of up to 5,000 copies before needing to be replaced.

On the downside, these devices are more complex to maintain or service over time. Toner cartridges are made of fine powder that is particularly vulnerable to the elements. If you don’t use the printer regularly, you must still service the device often to make sure high-quality printing standards are maintained.

Inkjet Business Printer

The main benefit of acquiring an inkjet laser printer is that the upfront investment is lower than that of a laser one or other alternatives. However, this cost-saving may backfire in the long run.

Inkjet printers use liquid ink to produce high-quality documents, either in black and white or full color. The lifespan of these cartridges, however, is lower than that of laser printers’ toners. If your organization requires a high number of prints regularly, you may spend more than you planned on ink.

Compared to laser printers, however, inkjet devices are easier and more affordable to maintain and service. With these devices, you won’t have problems if you don’t use them daily. You can simply run a head-cleaning print, and the device will be ready to operate efficiently.

Dot Mix Business Printer

Dot mix printers are specially designed for businesses that only require black-and-white printed materials as they can’t produce color materials. This kind of device is prevalent in organizations such as retail companies that need to print receipts or purchase orders.

The main benefit of acquiring a dox mix printer is that the printing cost per page will be minimal. There is, however, an essential drawback. These pieces of equipment are more expensive than any other kind of printer.

Additionally, if you need printing jobs in color, you’ll have to outsource them or purchase an additional printer with full-color printing capabilities. With these devices, producing your printed documents in-house will be cost-effective, but only in the long run.

Photo Printers

As mentioned, every kind of business printer has its own case use. While inkjet and laser printers can be useful in a wide range of organizations with different printing needs, photo printers are the best alternatives for companies in the marketing, design, and advertising areas.

The main reason to acquire a photo printer is if your daily operations require luxury, high-quality photo printing with glossy finishes, such as booklets and brochures. These devices use sublimation to print, which is a complex transfer method that produces images of premium quality.

The upfront investment, cartridge, and maintenance cost of these devices is higher than that of any other model. Therefore, you should only consider this kind of business printer if it aligns with your organization’s printing needs.

Multifunction Business Printer

Keeping in mind that your choice of printing devices must adjust to your business’s needs, there’s a style of printer that may simplify not only printing jobs but many other operations. Multifunction business printers, also known as all-in-ones, can be laser or inkjet. However, that’s not what makes them unique.

These devices can do much more than print. They include faxing, copying, and scanning capabilities your office members can use in daily operations. These devices’ upfront investment is higher than any other device with printing as its primary and only functionality. You must remember, however, that you’ll be covering any tasks with a single device, saving office space and making daily tasks time efficient.

Business Printer: Main Benefits

There are many benefits associated with acquiring a business printer for your organization. As mentioned, despite the upfront investment, having a device on-site tends to become cost-effective in the long run. Here are other benefits associated with adding an office printer to your organization.

Time-Saving Devices

Outsourcing a company’s printing needs demands time and disrupts workflow. Office members have to send the documents that need to be printed and then go pick them up or wait for them to be delivered. With an in-house business printer, you’ll optimize the completion of many daily tasks.


If your company handles sensitive information, using third-party printing companies will potentially raise the risk of data breaches. With a business printer, you can handle confidential information within the premises of your organization.

Customization Options

When you outsource your company’s printing needs, you might be forced to keep all your documents in the same general design parameters to avoid mistakes and speed up production. An office printer gives team members total freedom to personalize their work. From business documents and letterheads to complex marketing business proposals, an on-site device allows workers to get the most out of their creativity.

Environmentally Friendly

This is a trend that has become increasingly popular among many companies around the world. In 2022 the United States consumed 11.29 million metric tons of paper for printing and writing.

In an attempt to promote greener work environments, many companies have decided to reduce paper use and move to digital alternatives. Having a business printer gives team member control over which documents are transferred to paper and which ones remain in their digital version.

Do You Need a New Business Printer?

For many small businesses, the decision to purchase or lease a business printer is a tough one. Having a printer in-house has many benefits, including increasing productivity, reducing costs, and, of course, encouraging the cultural shift to an environmentally friendly workplace.

There are, however, some shortcomings you must consider before making your decision, especially if you’re just starting a new business. The main one is the upfront investment, as most of these devices aren’t affordable.

Additionally, you’ll need the office space necessary to fit the device and make it accessible for every office member.

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