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MPS is a service that incorporates a variety of tools and technologies that allows businesses to get what printing needs they have while sticking to a specified budget. In addition to standard print services, tech is incorporated which tracks the use and ensures the budget is stuck to.

On the surface, you might assume that managed print services (MPS) is something only larger companies can use. But the truth is, MPS is a great financial tool for businesses both small and large. This blog post will go over some of the benefits of MPS and show how businesses of all sizes can benefit from it.


A managed print service should always strive to provide you with expertise when it comes to your work environment and processes. Quality partners will recognize that the key aspect of demand for these services is the consultation they can provide. Managed print service providers are no different. And there’s a big difference between vendors who just sell supplies without thinking about how those supplies impact your bottom line; versus vendors who take charge in ensuring their solution fits best within your needs as an organization.

Workflow Optimization

One reason companies are coming around on the importance of managing print services comes from how well it aligns with their larger goals: implementing a strategy for printing streamlines operations by modernizing them which then enables broader company-wide realignment through technology throughout other departments such as IT or HR (Human Resources).

A digital data repository on the cloud for all business information is an example of how technology has made work more accessible. Other ways that printing can be improved are by utilizing smart multifunction printers (MFPs). MFPs bring productivity to a company, allowing end-users to print from anywhere and automatically upload scanned documents online where they’re immediately available in your network with access.

Mitigating Security Risk

The internet of things goes beyond laptops and mobile phones to include printers. They present a significant threat for modern SMBs because they are an entry point that hackers can use.

You don’t want to have an IT disaster because of something like this. One piece of sensitive data could lead to catastrophe and all that stands in its way may be your humble printer! For any business, making sure you are prepared with regards to cybersecurity should include prioritizing printers’ safety just as much or more so than other devices such as laptops.

Supplies Replenishment & Monitoring

A crucial offering that businesses can get from a managed print services company is visibility (MPS). This means knowing when supplies run low or need servicing even before it happens, which helps with saving costs in the long-term as well as not wasting resources like paper, ink cartridges, etc. Organizations spend approximately 1-3 percent of their annual revenue on printing; however, 90% do not realize how high these numbers really are. Overspending occurs due to a lack of knowledge about actual expenses incurred throughout these processes.

SMBs can save money by using Print Services instead of hiring full-time staff to handle all aspects of printing and mailing. Print Services can operate 24/7 and make use of printer-ready bulk files, cutting printing costs by up to 90%.

Green Initiatives

Employees are starting to push for more environmental responsibility from their companies. In a recent survey, 57% of employees stated that they felt it was important for corporations to play an active role in addressing societal issues such as climate change. This is because the effects of global warming will ultimately affect society at large; SMBs want this reflected in their corporate values and policies so that company actions reflect what consumers value most about them.