Stacks of hard copy files signifying document management.
Document Management

What Is Document Management and How Can You Benefit?

Although we live in the digital era and many companies want to “go paperless,” paper consumption is still incredibly high. The U.S. is one of the largest paper consumers in the world. Per capita, paper …

Close up of a print out signifying cloud printing solutions
Print Management

What You Should Know About Cloud Printing Solutions

In the last few years, we’ve witnessed significant changes in our work patterns. Many people have shifted from working on a single desktop computer in an office to working remotely and using multiple devices. Cloud …

Close up of icons of a file structure in front of a laptop with a lock icon preventing access to signify Managed IT services
Managed Services

The Pros and Cons of Managed IT Services

You may find enhancing your company’s online presence challenging if you don’t know much about information technology. This especially goes for smaller businesses and those with no IT department. Fortunately, there’s a solution: managed IT …

Business Printer
Business Automation

How to Choose a Business Printer

With the development of technology, many companies have adjusted the way they conduct business. That being said, printers remain an essential piece of equipment. They are convenient, relatively easy to use, and allow excellent document …

Managed Print Services
Print Management

The Benefits of Managed Print Services

Although many businesses have gone digital, printing remains a necessity. While printing has many benefits, it can also be wasteful, expensive, and inefficient. Moreover, printing different documents can also jeopardize a company’s information security.

If …

Close up of a business VoIP phone
Voice over IP/VOIP

What Is VoIP?

As the business world evolves, the need for broadening our communication methods increases. Regular phones come with quite a few limitations, especially in a remote environment where employees can work from any part of the …

Two women stand over a wide format printer assessing outputs

Wide Format Printer Benefits in the AEC Industry

A wide format printer isn’t something you see every day in a full office. But this printing standard is quite popular in some circles. Furthermore, outsourcing wide format print jobs can get really expensive fast, …